IT, Sales and Management Consulting.

“It all starts with a very solid, well-executed script, where the story is very clear and everybody is rowing in the same direction. That's always good; that's a constant”.

Marti Noxon

IT Consulting

True Compass provides comprehensive consulting services to enterprises and SMB clients to assist them in getting greater value from their current and future IT systems. Our practice is to assist firms in identifying and categorizing IT pain points or requirements and their impact at the business unit level and at the business level as a whole so that no issue is viewed only in the micro sense. Once that internal customer assessment is complete and reviewed with the client we provide our recommendation for action, and the action plan itself.

BP - Change Management

In today’s marketplace, investing in a new software platform or process that wont get rolled out correctly or used properly is a real waste of capital and resources. Your businesses simply can’t afford to do this. Having a formalized change management and business process plan is critical to success of your investment, but more importantly success for your people. A change and optimization plan needs to be fully defined and created well before implementation of your system is to be started. True Compass can assist in creation and management of your change plan to insure your new system creates the value you need from day one.

Business Process Consulting

No amount of technology will make up for poorly designed processes inside and outside a business. At True Compass, we believe that IT is there to serve the business and not the other way around. Business process on the other hand needs to be properly designed, defined and implemented in order to be effectively supported by IT. That’s where we can help our clients. By mapping the proper alignment between IT and business process and creating the feedback loops that need to exist and disconnects are removed and collaboration skyrockets.

Is your team all rowing in the same direction? We can help.

Is your team all rowing in the same direction? We can help.

Sales Operations

Sales operations can be a daunting task for businesses looking to grow and scale rapidly. Knowing where the opportunities are is only part of the plan, knowing where the obstacles are too is equally important. An organizations sales culture and process health is directly related to its ability to go fast. Systems don’t create business, but they do provide actionable data when designed and used correctly. Proper process alignment inside and outside of the sales organization boosts sales and decreases turnover of both salespeople and customers.

UX -User Experience

There is no mistaking the importance of understanding and optimizing a customers experience with your company, salespeople, support and success teams and your product, be it SaaS software, IOT devices or E-commerce. Successful customer engagement is never an accident and having a highly defined User Experience operational plan is a must have for companies in the digital age. Make no mistake, customer engagement and user experience is a quantifiable and actionable plan that needs to reach across all internal business units inside your company. True Compass can assist your firm in creating the plan you need for success.