IT Services & Staffing

IT Services & Staffing

True Compass provides IT services and staffing to our clients with a focused group of skill sets.

Agile Mobile, Web and SaaS Application Development

We love developing new applications and we love Agile. Many of our team of Agile developers has been working on projects with us since 2005. Our optimum sourcing model insures that we have the best mix of resources at the right time for your web, mobile or SaaS application.

We are cloud capable of fully onshore or fully offshore development programs as well as a hybrid of the two for maximum benefit based on client requirements for speed, budget and testing.

ITSEC, Backup and Disaster Recovery

The value of knowing you have a solid ITSEC ecosystem is place is simple impossible to overstate. Many firms however, still do not have a systematized and organized plan and culture for being certain that they are provably secure and hardened from outside and inside intrusion, but secure with the proper BU and DR process in place and tested as fully functional, reliable and repeatable. True Compass can help you define, design and implement a new ITSEC protocol or test and improve a current plan and environment.

QA & Testing

True Compass can provide full automated software QA and Test services for our clients software development project or as standalone testers for client driven development projects. Our We provide testing in onshore, offshore and hybrid dual-shore models for our clients. Our fully offshore model allows for a faster testing schedule by having the ability to run multiple testing shifts. Upgrade and incremental release testing is available for clients wishing to focus on net new code and leave the testing and release certification to us.


BI Admin and Development

Business Intelligence systems are more of a must have for growing businesses that at anytime before. “Knowing what you don’t know” is a critical factor for C level executives and senior managers today and having access to what you do know in an actionable format that speaks with your other systems platforms is key to growth and scale.

True Compass can help you assess what you need from your BI system investment and what BI systems you should be considering.

Strategic IT Staffing

We provide strategic IT staffing services for clients with projects with us, and clients that simply need additional highly qualified resources to back up their existing staff. We focus our staffing services on the areas listed here on Developers, BI, QA, and ITSEC resources. In this way our focus and expertise allows us to provide the most qualified resource for our clients needs onsite, onshore or offshore based on client preference and project requirements. Let us assist you on your next staffing requirement.